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Bagley Design is a boutique studio offering a range of modeling, rendering, and design services with a focus on customer service.  We do not outsource our services or deliver anything other than the highest quality output.

It all started with One question.

Can I help?

A developer, delayed by decision fatigue, saw the business potential of real-time modeling to save delay-related costs.  In a single meeting, we made a dozen decisions that led to an ongoing collaboration on multiple projects.  One project turned into a business.  Soon, word spread to architects, designers, real estate professionals, contractors, and homeowners.


That one question is the backbone of our business model.



We help.

Architects: We help architecture studios that need a flexible and robust visualization solution.

Zoning Boards: We help accurately communicate designs to public stakeholders to ease concerns.

Developers: We help developers share a unified vision to investors and future tenants.

Neighborhoods: We help designs integrate into the fabric of the neighborhood.

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